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Akhirnya Datang Juga...

"Akhirnya datang juga or "Finally it came" (not the name of the TV show that close recently) is the first title of my post . After a long time I wanna make a blog, eventually my desires're reached. Actually this is not my first blog. My first one has released in 2008, but I've never written because I  forgot the password # eaaa.
Before talking-talking or just telling story, let me introduce my self (sok Inggris gak apa-apa. lah). My name is cukri or Cumi Kriting, my real name is  #$%^@# (What's it?? Hahaha). I'm just an ordinary boy, 'ndeso' boy defenitely. My hobbies are eating squid (Padang Dishes) and I have curly hair. So,  'curly squid' (cumi kriting) is the name of my second blog. I purpose to make this blog is as follows (very formal ... haha):

1. Associating, or ber-Gahol (asikkk...)
2. Increas Knowledge, especially about technology
3. Adding Friend
4. Shared Information

I'm indigenous Indonesian and have gotten studied in ​​Jakarta (Jakarta streak Read / Jakarta edge). So do not be surprised if I speak much of Betawi  Language (elo-gue end hehe...), Indonesian and English. Because I'm still a newbie, I appologize if my blog was disheveled and its structure wasn't good enough.
I would like to appreciate criticism advice gan!

- Hopefully my blog'll be useful, Thanks for visitting -

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