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Belajar TOEFL Vocabularies Part 2

Daftar Vocab TOEFL

Good morning guys!. Semoga teman-teman sehat selalu dan terus semangat mengejar skor TOEFL impian. 

Belajar TOEFL Harus Konsisten

Belajar TOEFL atau Test Of English as a Foreign Language itu memang harus sabar, tekun dan banyak practicing, exercising. Menyambung daftar vocabulary part I sebelumnya, kali ini saya akan bagikan vocab TOEFL Part 2. 

Berikut ini list vocabularies TOEFL yang dikelompokkan berdasarkan tema tertentu. Check it out! 

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Computers

  • Access (V): To obtain, to gain entry
  • Allocate (V): To designate for specific purpose
  • Compatible (Adj.):Able to function together
  • Delete (V):To remove, to erase
  • Display (N): What is visible on a monitor; (V) To show
  • Duplicate (V): To produce something equal; to make identical
  • Fail (V): Not to succeed; not to work correctly
  • Figure out (V): To understand , to solve
  • Ignore (V): Not to notice, to disregard
  • Search (V): To look for; (N) investigation
  • Shut down (V): To turn off; to cease operation
  • Warn (V): To alert, to tell about a danger or problem

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Office Technology

  • Affordable (Adj): Able to be paid for, not too expensive
  • As needed (Adv): As necessary
  • Be in charge of (V): To be in control or command of
  • Capacity (N): The ability to contain or hold , the maximum that something can hold or do
  • Durable (Adj): Sturdy, strong, lasting
  • Initiative (N): The first step, an active role
  • Physical (Adj): Perceived by the senses
  • Provider (N): A supplier
  • Recur (V): To occur again or repeatedly
  • Reduction (N): A lessening; a decrease
  • Stay on top of (V):To know what is going on, to know the latest information 
  • Stock (N): A supply; (V) To keep on hand

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Office Procedures

  • Appreciate (V): To recognize, understand the importance of, to be thankful for
  • Be exposed to (V): To become aware of, to gain experience in
  • Bring in (V): To hire or recruit , to cause to appear
  • Casual (Adj): Informal
  • Code (N): Rules of behavior
  • Glimpse (N): A quick look
  • Made of (V): To consist of 
  • Out of (Adj): No longer having, missing
  • Outdated (Adj): Obsolete, not currently In use
  • Practice (N): Method of doing something
  • Reinforce (V): To strengthen, support
  • Verbal (Adj): Oral    

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Electronics

  • Disk (N): An object used to store digital information
  • Facilitate (V): To make easier
  • Network (N): An interconnected group or system; (V) To connect , to broadcast over a radio or TV, to engage in informal communication
  • Popularity (N): The state of being widely admired, sought, or accepted
  • Process (N): A series of operations or actions to bring about a result; (V) To put through a series of actions or prescribed procedure
  • Replace (V): To put back in a former place or position, to take the place of
  • Revolution (N): A sudden or momentous change in a situation, a single complete cycle
  • Sharp (Adj): Abrupt or acute, smart
  • Skills (N): A developed ability
  • Software (N) :The programs for a computer
  • Storage (N): The safekeeping of goods or information
  • Technical (Adj): Special skill or knowledge

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Shopping

  • Bargain (N): Something offered or acquired at a price advantageous to the buyer
  • Bear (V): To have a tolerance for, to endure
  • Behavior (N): The manner of one’ss actions
  • Checkout (N): The act , time, or place of checking out, as at a hotel, library, or supermarket
  • Comfort (N): A condition or feeling of pleasurable ease , well-being, and contentment
  • Expand (V): to increase the size , volume, quantity or scope of, to enlarge
  • Explore (V): To investigate systematically
  • Item (N): A single article or unit
  • Mandatory (Adj): Required or commanded, obligatory
  • Merchandise (N): Items available in store
  • Strict (Adj): Precise, exact
  • Trend (N):The current style, vogue

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Ordering Supplied

  • Diverse (Adj): Different, made up of distinct qualities
  • Enterprise (N): A business , a large project
  • Essential (Adj): Indispensable, necessary
  • Everyday (Adj): Routine, common, ordinary
  • Function (V): To perform tasks
  • Maintain (V): To continue, to support, to sustain
  • Obtain (V): To acquire
  • Prerequisite (N): Something that is required or necessary as a prior condition
  • Quality (N): A distinguishing characteristic; a degree of excellence
  • Smooth (Adj): Without difficulties, deliberately polite and agreeable in order to win favor
  • Source (N): The origin
  • Stationery (N):Writing paper and envelopes

*Good Luck*

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