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Belajar TOEFL Vocabularies Part 3

Daftar Vocab TOEFL

Happy Ramadan guys!. Semoga teman-teman sehat selalu dan terus semangat beribadah plus mengejar skor TOEFL impian. 

Belajar TOEFL Harus Konsisten

Belajar TOEFL atau Test Of English as a Foreign Language itu memang harus sabar, tekun dan banyak practicing, exercising. Menyambung daftar vocabulary part II sebelumnya, kali ini saya akan bagikan vocab TOEFL Part 3. 

Berikut ini list vocabularies TOEFL yang dikelompokkan berdasarkan tema tertentu. Check it out! 

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Correspondence

  • Assemble (V): To put together, to bring together
  • Beforehand (Adv): Early, in advance
  • Complicated (Adj): Not easy to understand
  • Courier (N, Adj): A messenger, an official delivery person
  • Express (Adj): Fast and direct
  • Fold (V): To bend paper
  • Layout (N): A format, the organization of material on a page
  • Petition (N): A formal, written request;  (V) To make a formal request
  • Proof (V): To look for errors
  • Registered (Adj): Recorded and tracked
  • Revise (V): To rewrite

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Job Advertising and Recruiting

  • Abundant (Adj): Plentiful, in large quantities; (N) A large number
  • Accomplishment (N): An achievement, a success
  • Bring together (V): To join, to gather
  • Candidate (N): One being considered for a position, office , or award 
  • Come up with (V): To plan , to invent, to think of
  • Commensurate (Adj): In proportion to, corresponding, equal to
  • Match (N): A fit, a similarity
  • Profile (N): A group of characteristics or traits
  • Qualifications (N): Requirements, qualities, or abilities needed for something
  • Recruit (V): To attract people to join an organization or a cause
  • Submit (V): To present for consideration
  • Time-consuming (Adj): Taking up a lot of time, lengthy

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Applying and Interviewing

  • Ability (N): A skill , a competence
  • Apply (V): To look for, to submit an application
  • Background (N): A person’s experience, education , and family history
  • Be ready for (V): To be prepared
  • Call in (V): To request
  • Confidence (N): A belief in one’s abilities, self‐esteem
  • Constantly (Adj): On a continual basis, happening all the time
  • Expert (N): A specialist
  • Follow up (V): To take additional steps , to continue; (N) The continuation of a previous action
  • Hesitate (V): To pause, o be reluctant
  • Present (V): To introduce, to show, to offer for consideration
  • Weakness (N): A fault, a quality lacking strength

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Hiring and Training

  • Conduct (V): To hold, to take place, to behave;(N) One’s behavior
  • Generate (V): To create, to produce
  • Hire (V): To employ, to offer a job or position; (N) An employee
  • Keep up with (V): To stay equal with
  • Look up to (V): To admire, to think highly of
  • Mentor (N): A person who guides and instructs, a resource
  • On track (Adj): On schedule , focused
  • Reject (V): To turn down, to say no , to not accept
  • Set up (V): To establish, to arrange ;(Adj) Established, arranged
  • Success (N): An accomplishment, reaching a goal
  • Training (N): The preparation or education for a specific job
  • Update (V):To make current (N) The latest information

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Salaries and Benefits

  • Basis (N): The main reason for something, a base or foundation
  • Be aware of (V): To be conscious of, to be knowledgeable about
  • Benefits (N): The advantages provided to an employee in addition to salary
  • Compensate (V): To pay, to make up for
  • Delicate (Adj): Sensitive; (Adv) With sensitivity
  • Eligible (Adj): Able to participate in something, qualified
  • Flexible (Adj): Not rigid, able to change easily
  • Negotiate (V): To talk for the the purpose of reaching an agreement, especially on prices or contracts
  • Raise (N): An increase in salary
  • Retire (V): To stop working, to withdraw from a business or profession
  • Vested (Adj): Absolute, authorized
  • Wage (N): The money paid for work done, usually hourly

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Promotions, Pensions, and Awards

  • Achieve (V): To succeed, to reach a goal
  • Contribute (V): To add, to donate, to give
  • Dedication (N): A commitment to something
  • Look forward to (V): To anticipate , to be eager for something to happen
  • Looked to (V):To depend on, to rely on
  • Loyal (Adj): Faithful, believing in someone or something
  • Merit (N): Excellence, high quality
  • Obvious (Adj): Easy to see or understand
  • Productive (Adj): Useful, getting a lot done
  • Promote (V): To give someone a better job, to support, to make known
  • Recognition (N): Credit, praise for doing something well
  • Value (N): Worth

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Shipping

  • Accurate (Adj): Exact, errorless
  • Carrier (N): A person or business that transports passengers or goods
  • Catalog (N): A list or itemized display; (V)  To make an itemized list of
  • Fulfill (V): To finish completely
  • Integral (Adj): Necessary for completion
  • Inventory (N): Goods in stock, an itemized record of these goods
  • Minimize (V): To reduce, to give less importance to
  • On hand (Adj): Available
  • Remember (V): To think of again, to retain in the memory
  • Ship (V): To transport, to send
  • Sufficient (Adj): As much as is needed
  • Supply (V): To make available for use, to provide ;(N) Stock.

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Invoices

  • Charge (N): An expense or a cost; (V) To demand payment
  • Compile (V): To gather together from several sources
  • Customer (N): One who purchases a commodity or service
  • Discount (N): A reduction in price; (V) To reduce in price
  • Efficient (Adj): Acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste of unnecessary effort
  • Estimate (V): To approximate the amount or value of something , to from an opinion about something; (N) An approximation.
  • Impose (V): To establish or apply as compulsory , to force upon others
  • Mistake (N): An error or a fault
  • Order (N): A request made to purchase something ;(V) To command or direct
  • Prompt (Adj): Being on time or punctual, carried out without delay; (N) A reminder or a cue
  • Rectify (V): To set right or correct
  • Terms (N): Conditions

Vocab TOEFL Tema: Inventory 

  • Adjust (V): To change in order to match or fit , to cause to correspond
  • Automatic (Adj): Operating independently
  • Crucial (Adj): Extremely significant or important
  • Discrepancy (N): Divergence or disagreement
  • Disturb (V): To interfere with, to interrupt
  • Liability (N): An obligation , a responsibility
  • Reflect (V): To give back a likeness
  • Run (V): To operate
  • Scan (V): To look over quickly
  • Subtract (V): To take away, to deduct
  • Tedious (Adj):  Tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness, boring
  • Verify (V): To prove the truth of
*Good Luck*
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