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Jual Alat Pencuci Mobil, Dapetin Mobil ???

Selling Car Wash Equipment, Getting Car ?

I'll tell you about my story. Around 2004, my house was robbed. The Thief wasn't kidding, They stole my father's car, whereas it hasn't paid off yet. That car wasn't new and fancy, but for my family, It was very valuable. The impact of the losing car would be materially and psychologically. Not only losing much money (the price of that car), but also many of costs to finding that car. And all it was not a bit.

Well, before the thief took that car, a few days earlier someone has come into my home, pretending to offer a car wash equipment. Without the slightest suspicion, my parents responded them. The thief's friend was really good at offering even if they have time to do a simulation using their car wash tool. Why  I am so confident that seller was a thief ? Because my house are located in remote area and it's not in the "city" at all. It's very strange that there are people who far away from Bogor (they claim like that) just to sold car wash equipment. And then, who has a car in my area are very rarelike an orangutan at this moment. Even the vegetable handyman, 'tukang cilok' or meatball handyman, also martabak seller weren't exist here # I'm really serious -__-" .And do you know squid lovers (what? Hahaha), The debts due to loss of a that car will be paid off in 2011 # wowww, hikss.  

After so long, Just in time, a seller of car wash tools was exist anymore. That seller was very unpleasant person. Actually, I didn't know them, but They seem know me so well. I remembered a story before my father's car was stolen. There was a car wash seller came to our home. Forcely, I invited him into my house (I tried to be polite). In this time, people who had a car in my area are quite  a lot, vegetables handyman as well as meatball  handyman are already existing (but martabak seller aren't still here yet) # wkwkwkwk serious. I don't know, that people wanna rob or was really willing to sale. That people claimed from Bogor, from Tajur exactly. I have a chance to chat briefly with them. This's a chronology, It was happened in front of the my house, 'kucluk kucluk' He came to my home. Actually, there was two people ride motocycle while other one was carrying big bags. One man fell from the motorcycle and walk to my home. Surprisingly, The one man didn't come in through  front door, but through the back door, why He did that? 

Because many people always looking for my father, I invited that car wash handyman into the living room. Previously, He knocked the door. Then ...

Information  A : Me -- T : claimed The car was seller

T : “Is your father there?”

A : “Yes, Where are you come from?” Then I let him go into my home. I asked to my father, but he did not know people from tajur. Then I ask him again.

A: "Where do you live in Bogor exactly?"

T : Ceriwis

A : @#3546^%$??????

Why did He from Ceriwis (That's a name of TV show, right?), It was not clear anyway, but I was very happy if He was really from TV agent, maybe I'll get a gift hahahaha.

So, after He met with my father, His offer was not interest him, but that people do not go home anyway. Even both of them chatted a while in front of my house .. Hmmmmm suspicious (# horror music). 
Hopefully something bad will not happen. Where I'm placed, will be safe and peaceful (although he said my area was prone to robbers) .. hikss.

Although its title is rather strange, hopefully the reader could take a lesson from this article. Do not just enter someone  into your home if you do not know him well, though he claimed to be an employee of PLN or Telkom (if They suddenly came uninvited). Stay alert because the crime will be occurred not only because the intention of the perpetrator, but cause by a chance .. BEWARE 3x # hheheheheh Bang Napi advise.
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